Surgical Care

Surgical Care

We partner with surgical teams around the world, so they can face surgical challenges with confidence, precision and speed.   

When surgery is required, two things matter most: a successful outcome and minimal complications. Our commitment to patient outcomes in the surgical setting is focused on supporting your healthcare team with innovations that help reduce complications from bleeding during and after surgery.

Our leading surgical care products are used in a variety of procedures, helping surgeons operate with confidence to stop bleeding, seal and repair tissue, perform microsurgery, and for anesthesiologists to administer the leading inhaled anesthesia.

Doctors in surgery room working

Advancing Surgery with Hemostatic Agents

Some bleeding during surgery is expected, but excessive bleeding can cause serious complications. Conventional methods of controlling bleeding, such as sutures or cautery, may be ineffective or impractical in some types of surgeries. In these cases, your surgeon may use hemostatic agents or sealants to help address bleeding. As a leader in hemostatic products, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that help surgeons work quickly and efficiently.

Advancing Surgical Care


Baxter products are trusted tools in surgical suites in nearly 60 countries.


Surgeons rely on the quality of our products to deliver improved outcomes.


Baxter products help surgeons reduce intra- and post-operative complications.